Major Phailage Ahead

Ok, so I have been majorly slacking in this challenge.  I am such a failure!  Truth is, I just don't wanna do every day now.  So without further ado, I bring you a majorly large update spanning somethilng like 2 months.
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Day 41
This week is Ohio Bike Week.  [sarcasm] And as luck would have it, it's held at the Erie Co. Fairgrounds.  Which is located ½ mile (driving distance) from my house.  Last year, it didn't bother me because I only heard noise when I was out and about.  This year, they've been obnoxious . . . holding concerts on weeknights after 10pm.  But that's another story.  This story is about what was on the road in front of me as I was driving home.
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Day 40
Make sure to click the picture to see the whole thing.

The boys are taking a break.  I'm not sure what they're breaking from though.

Day 37, 38, & 39
No pictures again.  I spent the weekend playing with TS3!  And I was just busy to think about today.

Day 36

I haz it Precious!

Day 35

I apologize for the picture quality.  It was taken out my bedroom window on the highest zoom setting.  This is one of the groundhogs that have taken up residence under my shed.

Day 34
This morning I had a nasty surprise on the way to work.  Not even five miles from my home, still in town.  A deer came out of nowhere and head-butted my car.  Now don't get too excited, I'm perfectly fine.  And my car is only a little borked.
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Day 33
Every few days, I get to leave a few minutes early for work for this!

Making a deposit for work.  I paid for mileage too and the bank is only a few miles from my home!

Day 32

There's cottonwood seed stuck all over that spider web.  I think it makes it look pretty.

Day 31
These pictures were all taken during Brooke's graduation party.
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