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Major Phailage Ahead

Ok, so I have been majorly slacking in this challenge.  I am such a failure!  Truth is, I just don't wanna do every day now.  So without further ado, I bring you a majorly large update spanning somethilng like 2 months.

Naughty Kitty.  The box on top of the heater had some flower plants in it and he was trying to get in them to dig.

Just some grass at the side of the road next to my exit.

A flowering bush at work.

Mmmmmmmm.  Cherries.

Meter phailage.  It does this every couple of weeks or so.  I believe the car was idling when this was shot.

Landscaping phail.  Now granted, the shop guys are parked there during the day, but come on.  The landscaping company is paid too well to leave this crap week after week.

Sweetpeas growing next to my fence.

My mom sent theses home for me to read.  Yay, books!

Bunny in my neighbor's front yard.

Flowers in front of the Berlin Heights Library.

Lots of graduation spam ahead:

The band waits for the grads.

Ten minutes before the ceremony.  Which is being held outdoors.

The processional starts.

I'm so proud!  My girl did it!  (She's also the only one wearing pants, the rest are wearing skirts/dresses.)

Last one I was able to get before my camera died.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled 365.

The dress that Greg bought for me; just because he wanted me to wear a dress to the cookout at his sister's.

My brother's and SIL's chocolate lab, Mac.  She staying with Grandma & Grandpa while her parents are away for the week.

Brooke & Mac wrestling.  Best pet spam ever!  Mostly because I managed to catch them both smiling!

A shot of my driveway taken so that Greg could maybe see if he can get his truck in there.  But since I took it, I decided to post it.

This is the end of the mega-picture spam. 

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heh, the mischief in that look! naughty kitteh
dont you just love how something as simple as grass can catch your eye sometimes?
Pretty lil flowers!
mmm cherries... where is the chocolate ice cream and whip cream and... o.O
huh that cant be good... *taps the meter* behave!
well now, the landscape guys deserve to have some of their money not paid for not fully fulfilling their obligation darn it!
aw, I loves Sweetpea!
Yay books! *peers* thats a lot of romance...
LOL is it bad the first thing I thought was 'kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit, kill the raaaaabbit' sung in an elmer fudd voice?
oh lots of colors. I like that, but its probably a lot of work that i cant do.
dang those are some angry clouds
*giggles* Brooke appears to be the only one in pants (LOL OMG I guess I should have read what you wrote!) aw i'm so proud of our girl!
I like that the guy spends money on you just because.. only next time you should be wearing the dress in the picture! LOL
I loves that pic of Brooke & Mac!
so what did Greg say? will he fit? o.O i mean will his truck fit!! Really! *giggles like mad*

Yes, naughty kitty is naughty. He is always jumping up on my desk & batting stuff of onto the floor so he can play.
Yay, free books are free!
Lucky for us, the clouds just sat there.
The plan was to sneak behind the garage for a little easy access groping, but it ended up being wasted money on his part.
Brooke & Mac FTW!
He said the truck might fit, but he's also mentioned getting a hotel room. I hate for him to spend money he doesn't need to, but a room would give us more privacy.

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