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Day 34
This morning I had a nasty surprise on the way to work.  Not even five miles from my home, still in town.  A deer came out of nowhere and head-butted my car.  Now don't get too excited, I'm perfectly fine.  And my car is only a little borked.

Impact spot.

Scraping along the door.  (my reflection in the window) Had the deer been a bit bigger or had I been driving a bit slower, it probably would have gone through my window.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but there is matter smeared on the bottom part of the window.  I am definitely thanking God that this was as minor as it was.  Unfortunately, the poor deer was the loser in this round.  It lay flopping on the ground for quite awhile before struggling up and running off.  The officer who reported to the call said the he thought he knew where it was, so I'm hoping that it was humanely put out of it's misery.

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I'm so glad you're okay. thats so scary. see? this is why people should live in the city.
*huggles you carefully.*
I hope you're really okay. Just be safe.. you may be sore in a few days.

Ummmm, Ruby, did you miss the "still in town" part?

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